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I found this advert for a modelling job and I called, I was then called for an interview the following day and I went. The company was in a small office above a row of stores on the high street, the agency looked like a half-empty travel agency with a few well dressed girls hanging about, you would not know it was not a modelling agency.

At the job interview, the lady who ran the company asked me a number of questions, one of which was if I knew what the work truly was, I said that I believed it was modelling and posing but showing a bit more nudity, she then stated that it was more like a stripper without having a club setting, I quickly said her that I could not dance, but was okay with that and prepared to learn.

She gave me that job that day and went on to explain that the company only catered for out-call bookings so I had to come dressed well when I started, I left the agency feeling on top of the world.

On my 1st day a couple of days later, I wore my nicest dress, brand new lingerie and left home to go to the office as an erotic entertainer (so I thought). When I reached the office, the woman told me that I had a few clients lined up and she then allocated me a driver. On my first job the driver took me to this block of flats and said he would be waiting for me outside after the booking.

I had been told the mans name and address at the office so I left the car feeling nervous but excited at the all at once. Like I had been told at the agency, the man paid me £100 as soon as I stepped into the flat and that felt great I had 1hr to earn it, he led me to his bed room making small talk then he groped me and started to take my clothes off, I pulled back and told him I just came to entertain him, but we couldn’t kiss: he then took off his trousers and started masturbating, THAT’S WHEN THE PENNY DROPPED… for a split second I did not know what to do, I told him it was a mistake and I was not going to skip the games and have sexual intercourse with him because I was on my periods, I sat there watching the client masturbate for about 5min and I felt gross, photographs of his wife and kids on the bedroom walls and I was shaking with anger and fear. I excused myself to go to out and went straight to the waiting car, I told the driver to quickly drive me to the store as I needed to buy something, when I got out of the vehicle at the store, I walked through a corridor to the back streets, jumped into a taxi and went straight home, I never went back to the agency after that and they never called to find out what happened, I kept the £100 the customer had given me without feeling guilty for keeping it.

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